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Using MKS SGen_L w/ TMC2130 Stepper drivers

I’ve had a a few bad days trying to figure out why the files found in the MKS github wouldn’t work with their own TMC2130 stepsticks via SPI. My recommendation is to start from a fresh Marlin install and change the following lines. Of course you will have to change typical settings as well, but

Home automation Project – Part 4: Building the “unknown device”

Developing this project in such a linear way means I can really understand my needs and constraints. I now have a clear set of requirements of what my unknown device must do. Requirements WiFi connectivity 433Mhz RF emission Serial port for debugging reasons Have 3 buttons to trigger the same commands as the original remote

Home automation Project – Part 3: Reverse Engineering RF Signals

My idea is to create a device that replicates the signal that the remote sends to the blinds, triggered by an MQTT command. Good, but what does this signal look like? For that I have the perfect tool, an SDR (Software defined radio). It’s basically a radio device that has the ability to tune into