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3D Scanning BMW K75 turn signals

I’ve 3d scanned BMW K75 front turn signal bracket and 3d printed them as a method of saving money while keeping asthetics the same as the original model. Since I restored my 1990 BMW k75, I’ve been trying to return the motorcycle to its stock configuration. One of the items I’ve been missing is the

SpaceNavigator: Principle of operation

One dimensional Operation A (1-D) PSD will output (in the form of current) the position of a light beam in a light strip. Given two linked light sources, a two degrees of freedom system can be derived. The goal is to locate the relative position of the center of both light sources with respect to

SpaceNavigator Teardown

A broken 3D Connexion SpaceNavigator has fallen into my hands. I would like to know what makes it “tick” to see If I canfix it. At the end of the day, it’s just a 6 degree of freedom joystick, but to fit in this package it has some clever tricks. To start dissasemby, three screws

Nautical Grid Protractor – Free Download

I’m studying towards getting the skipper license “Patron de embarcación de Recreo” and some of the exam questions include navigational chart exercises. As I did not want to waste too much paper while studying I thought I’d download a chart and a PNG image of a navigational protractor so I could take measurements on my