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K75 Restoration: Valve Job

After careful disassembly, the problem has become more obvious (if possible). The valves themselves, have their stems in tolerance (Inlet: 6.960 – 6.975 mm ;Exhaust: 6.945 – 6.960mm), but the problem relies with the mating surface of the seats. I used the optical measuring machine at ICAI to take a few reference points to compare,

Kite Foil – Back wing & Fiberglass layup

For the last few weeks we have been working on finishing both front and rear wings. From my side, the back wing needed to be printed. As we did for the front wing, it had to be split into an odd number of parts in order to fit in the print bed. The challenge to

Kite Foil – Design & Lamination

We’ve been busy the last few weeks working on the kite Hydrofoil. While I was working on the rest of the design, to allow independent work, my colleague has worked on the mast. The design will be composed of 6 main parts shown below in different colours. The wing box (not shown), the mast (turquoise),