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Using MKS SGen_L w/ TMC2130 Stepper drivers

I’ve had a a few bad days trying to figure out why the files found in the MKS github wouldn’t work with their own TMC2130 stepsticks via SPI. My recommendation is to start from a fresh Marlin install and change the following lines. Of course you will have to change typical settings as well, but

K75 Restoration: Bike rebuild

Once all the parts were ready to be assembled, I managed to trick a Gonzalo (The same Gonzalo from the kite foil) to help me carry the assembled engine and gearbox from a fourth floor to the garage. Frankly, I started the day thinking the bike wouldn’t start. There could be a thousand other things

K75 Restoration: Engine diagnosis

Last time I wrote I knew that the engine didn’t start, but lets focus on the good things; The electrical system seems ok, ignition and fuel pump look also alright, and I haven’t seen any obvious leak. Since then, I’ve also taken the time to check the rear spline and it seems it’s in top